Silex Power is a rapidly growing multinational company. We have focused tremendously on creating a linear structure that allows rapid expansion in new territories together with a tight control and keeping standards throughout the line. Our winning formula is to have a central operational headquarters based in Malta, where all the high level decisions are taken, and small boards in all the countries in which we are present for local decisions and implementation of new policies and strategies.

This slim structure is ensuring a rapid response time for all decisions and problems that arise during normal business operation. We strive to employ and engage only the most professional people who have solid foundations of business and trust, thus transmitting to our clients the sense of security and response times that they would usually experience from much larger corporations with a much more complex internal organization that what we have at Silex.

Throughout research, training and innovation we have developed a structure that can cater to the various particular needs of our clients and of the market in general, creating solutions where others fail to.

Johnaton Grech
Chairman of the Board and Silex Power CEO
“Born from a clear vision – to develop, manufacture and distribute the most advanced and innovative products on the market, Silex is keeping its promise with exciting new products continuously under development. With our innovative High Concentration Photovoltaic Technology and Project Chreos, Silex will enter a new phase in the renewable energy market, defining standards and providing solutions for problems that were deemed unsolvable. Present in various countries and constantly expanding, we now offer a global coverage of our services, ensuring a level of competitiveness that is paralleled by no other.”
Fiorino Finos
Director Silex Engineering
“We started from the common belief that the respect and attention to the environment are not only an ethical concern, but also an opportunity for development, investment and creation of jobs. Bringing together a deep knowledge of the territory and the social structure of the Italian market; a market so diverse and so different, continuously posing challenges that need to be tackled and overcome, we have gained a vast experience and expertise in addressing and resolving all the many complex issues and problems that the renewable energy market brings with it. We are now successfully exporting this experience to other countries and markets, in a continuous effort to transfer our knowledge and successfully satisfy all our customers’ needs and demands.”


MIssion Statement

  • Excelling in the development of meticulously designed projects
  • Redefining the concept of luxury and creating iconic products
  • Pioneering the world with cutting edge technological innovations


If there is one word that can sum up our corporate philosophy, that word is premium. Whilst most companies opt to bring costs down at times jeopardising the quality of their service and products, we at Silex put quality and function as our major objective, whilst at the same time keeping our cost of services and products in a highly competitive range. Even though the renewable energy market is commanded by functionality and price, we at Silex add the value of design and environmental integration. This can be seen clearly in our projects. In the automotive market, we believe that electric vehicles will become increasingly popular in the near future, and our radical new approach to the EV shows our brand philosophy at its best – luxury, quality, functionality, technology and thinking out of the box.


During the past century, mankind’s demand on power has grown at an exponential rate. Today most of the energy utilized is coming directly from fossil fuels. It is a known fact that fossil fuels are a finite source of energy and that they are rapidly depleting. Additionally, their use causes severe damage to the world’s climate and environment. Silex Power is committed to provide alternative energy solutions by setting up power plants utilizing existing technology, whilst actively participating and heading research, development and deployment of new technologies. Silex Power is also heading the EV market development via our Chreos project, a line of high-end Electric Vehicles that are poised to change the public perception on electric vehicles. These and other innovations are at the core of our vision, which can be translated in a simple term – innovation.


Our origin is in Malta, a small archipelago in the centre of the Mediterranean, which despite its small size, has managed to be at the centre of attention for a number of major events in the last 5 millennia. Maltese people are inventive and persistent, a quality that has been transferred to our group, allowing us to grow at an unprecedented pace and reach markets that are by norm, out of our reach.

Silex Power was formed as an offspring of Silex Holdings Limited. Initially, our group focused on the design of sustainable developments, implementing cutting edge technologies in the conceptualisations of our ideas. As time progressed, our R&D section started specialising further in the renewable energy market, and Silex Power was born.

Although a relatively new company, Silex Power has reached several important milestones, and is already an important player on the international market. Through perseverance and constant innovation, Silex is detaching itself more from its competition developing new technologies that will be market changers.