chreosinnovationsChreos is a powerful electric vehicle driven by 4 electric motors – 1 in each wheel. This innovative technology develops 640bhp of power and 4400Nm of Torque, catapulting the car from 0 to 100km/h in less than 2.9 seconds, and from 0 to 200km/h in less than 6 seconds. Despite this incredibly powerful drivetrain, the car will cover 1000km in full autonomy at an average speed of 125km/h, shattering all previous notions that electric vehicles cannot match their fuel burning counterparts. But our most important innovation, the real game changer is the charging time of the batteries. The batteries can be recharged from flat to full power in less than 10 minutes on a specific tension charger. This eliminates all the inconvenience of the electric car, making Chreos the first, real alternative to fuel powered cars.

The above might seem a lot, but it is still the tip of the iceberg with regards to innovation of this car. Technological innovations continue at the suspensions. Our new breed of magnetic suspensions not only ensure the smoothest ride possible, but deliver an advanced level of control which has no par on the market.

Opening the doors of Chreos reveals the most opulent aspect of the vehicle – its interiors. Exquisite leathers and quality wood trims pamper the occupants with a level of luxury that is difficult to surpass. Chreos pushes In Car Entertainment (ICE) to a new level of sophistication. No longer are the driver and passengers limited to small fixed displays. Chreos’s displays can all be fully customised and adapted according to the user preferences. Rear Seat Entertainment is inclusive of on-board computing facilities. Built-in monitors on the front seat backs and integrated tablets in the extractable tray, will give the rear occupants a full computer like experience, all without the need of using their hardware. 

Fully integrated GPS technology will ensure that when embarking for a long trip, Chreos will automatically select the stopping points for charging in addition to the optimal route, ensuring a safe and fast arrival to the selected destination. Chreos will be connected to an Intelligent Driving Information Centre, where information is anonymously gathered from all Chreos models on the road, processed and redistributed to the other vehicles. Utilizing artificial intelligence and having all the vehicles on the road collecting data, our system will grow more intelligent as more cars roll out of our production lines. An example of this technology is the terrain conditions where speed must be reduced due to uneven terrain or bumps; the information is fed to our central control unit. All cars will then receive the information and have their suspensions automatically adjusted and if necessary speed automatically reduced when approaching the area thus delivering the smoothest ride possible to the driver and passengers. This system will also adjust itself in accordance to each particular individual’s driving habits, thus managing the drivetrain in a way that is congruous with the particular driver’s style.

Chreos has been designed by our partner RacerXDesign. The company has proven to be a valid partner for Silex in the creation of Chreos, as they managed to deliver a design that exceeded our expectations.