As the above images show, the car is no small thing. It has the ideal dimensions for a truly luxury sedan.

More specifications:

  • 640bhp
  • 4400Nm torque
  • 4 individual motors (1 per wheel)
  • 2200kgs weight
  • 5420mm length
  • 2160mm width
  • 1480mm height
  • 3540mm wheel base
  • Carbon fibre body
  • Advanced Magnetic Active Shock Absorbers, for the most comfortable and adaptive ride
  • 0 - 100Km/h in <2.9s [/li] [li]0 - 200Km/h in <6.0s [/li] [li]300km/h top speed (electronically limited)[/li] [li]1000km autonomy (at 125kmph speed) [/li] [/list] [/column] [column col="1/2"][list type="icon-cog"] [li]Hypercharging technology - <10 min charging time from flat batteries to full[/li] [li]200KWh battery pack [/li] [li]Advanced Battery Management Software[/li] [li]Wireless induction charging for domestic car port (10 hours charge time)[/li] [li]Standard EV charging port for backwards compatibility[/li] [li]Full LED / OLED lighting throughout [/li] [li]4 passenger seating capacity [/li] [li]Individual seating with fully adjustable seats, massage function and ventilation[/li] [li]Top quality leathers, woods and metal trims[/li] [li]Advanced in car entertainment and connectivity[/li] [/list] [/column]
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