Silex Power is actively involved in renewable energy projects. We cater for all aspects of the project, from project design to maintenance. Our multinational presence and teams makes us fluent with the various regulations in different markets, and we offer the most professional approach to our clients ensuring them a first class professional experience.


Commerical and Industrial PV Plants
At Silex Power we specialize in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of medium to utility scale commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants. Our services cover the following:

  • Design of PV plant layout, including electrical circuits based on guidelines and hardware instructed by the client.
  • 3D Rendering of the PV plant for demonstration purposes
  • Assistance in applications for permits
  • Supply of hardware (photovoltaic modules, inverters, cabling, mounting structures, etc.)
  • Manufacturing of custom-made mounting structures offering the highest level of flexibility
  • General Contracting of the Photovoltaic plant, including all EPC works and supply of hardware
  • Testing and commissioning of the PV plant with Grid Connection
  • Operation and Maintenance of the PV Plant
  • Installation of automated cleaning systems on new and existent PV Plants
  • Surveys on existing PV Plants with detailed performance reports
  • Upgrades and maintenance on existing PV Plants
  • Dismantling of PV Plants and recycling of the equipment
  • Sales of authorizations for PV Plants
  • Sales of grid connected operational PV Plants


Canopies and Car Parks
Silex Power is committed to the deployment of electric vehicles, and we specialize in installation of canopies for EV charging. Our services also include custom designed canopies and tents, specific to the customer requirements, in line with the design of the adjacent architectural structures. We also design and build custom enclosures for open spaces, halls, etc. integrating photovoltaic in the roof.

Silex also provides a full range of EV charging columns, from 3kW to 150kW. As from H2 2016, Silex will start deploying HyperCharger systems with related energy capture and storage facilities.


High-Concentration Photovoltaic (HCPV)
At Silex Power we are developing our own High Concentration Photovoltaic Technology, reaching concentration levels of up to 1200 suns. We are currently looking for test sites and partners for the installation of the first generation of HCPV arrays. Our technology allows dual use of the land, via installing HCPV on arrays and utilizing the underlying land for farming.


Building Integrated Photovoltaic
Silex Power’s teams can design building from scratch with integrated photovoltaic and other energy saving features. We can even design structures for existing buildings so as to maximize the photovoltaic energy production potential whilst keeping the architectural character of the building. No project is too big or too small for us. Contact us for more information.


Solar Greenhouses
We at Silex understand the value of Photovoltaic Technologies, but at the same time are aware of the increase in farming needs. We custom design and build photovoltaic greenhouses, with various innovative technologies, including water capture, water recycling, temperature control and artificial lighting, for the most efficient crop growth possible.


Wind Farms
Silex Power specializes in the brokerage of Wind Farms. Our pool of international investors is always on the lookout for attractive opportunities in the wind energy, both inland and offshore. Our interest is in both operational plants and also shovel-ready plants on a global level and of any size.


HydroElectric Power Plants
Silex Power also specializes in the design of HydroElectric Power Plants, taking care not only of power output, but also the short and long term effect on the surrounding environment and biodiversity. Our extensive studies take care of all aspects of the project, from concept to finding the right construction partner and technology supplier. Silex is also directly involved in brokerage for hydroelectric plant sales, and we have interest in both shovel-ready and operational plants on a global level.


Energy Storage
One of the major disadvantages of renewable energy sources is the instability and unpredictable supply. As more renewable energy plants enter are being commissioned, the more reliable they have to be in supplying power to the grid. Silex Power supplies a full range of products and solutions for energy storage, ranging from small domestic installations to large-scale utility plants. Thanks to our partnership with global leaders, we supply the latest technology and cover out solutions with long term warranties, ensuring the peace of mind of the plant owners.


Intelligent Illumination
Intelligent illumination goes way beyond dimming and turning off lights. Our solutions involve intelligent control of lights, illuminating areas that are being used, whilst dimming or turning off lights in areas where they are not required. We have solutions for domestic and commercial applications, as well as street lighting solutions. Our intelligent systems can detect and identify people and vehicles, and will not be affected by animals or other moving objects.

We also provide a full range of LED and OLED lighting solutions to our customers, with our major focus being the quality of the products we sell. We can also custom design and build LED fittings started from the individual diodes. Few other companies in the world are so versatile in the solutions they can offer.