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Malta, 22nd February 2013 – 14.00hours

Silex Chreos – The upmarket electric vehicle

“Silex Power Limited is planning to go on with the production of the Chreos upmarket electric fastback sedan by the year 2015, bringing a new level of luxury and performance to the electric mobility market, manufacturing a limited run of 300 units.”

Silex Chreos is a new generation of electric vehicles that is aimed at changing the public perception of the electric vehicle. A premium luxury fastback sedan, which in addition to top-of-the-range performance figures offers premium luxury, a market that hasn’t been tapped yet by other car manufacturers.

Chreos has a retro style silhouette, flowing lines that offer a timeless beauty to the vehicle. At 5420mm long, 2160mm wide and 1490mm high, Chreos is a spacious vehicle that will pamper with luxury its four passengers. Built entirely of carbon fibre, and integrating the most advanced materials and technologies, Chreos is a car that places itself with other models in the high-end market.

One of the most revolutionary features of Chreos is its power train. Driven by four electric motors, one in each wheel, the car develops 640bhp of power and 4400Nm of torque. Power that propels the car from 0 to 100km/h in less than 2.9 seconds and allows the car to be able to cruise comfortably at an electronically limited 300km/h.

A powerful battery pack allows the car to cover a distance of 1000km on a single charge, speeding along the motorway at a speed of 125km/h. The driving mode of the car can be adjusted in various phases, ranging from Performance to Economy (the car will automatically adjust the driving mode according to the driving scenario, or it can be selected by the driver). Under the economy mode driving, the front motors of the car are switched off and the rear motors operate at a reduced energy so as to conserve energy and extend the autonomy of the vehicle.

Chreos will also be the first vehicle to sport the Silex Hypercharge technology, allowing the discharged battery pack to reach 100% full charge in less than 10 minutes. Silex and its partners have developed a Lithium battery variant, which has a modified cathode that allows rapid charging. The batteries have a power density that is higher than that used on other mainstream electric vehicles (circa 400Wh/kg compared to the 200-250Wh/kg). The batteries will be specially manufactured for Chreos and other future Silex vehicles by an existing battery manufacturer. These batteries are very expensive compared to other batteries currently on the market, thus Silex has decided to go first with the premium luxury fastback sedan Chreos which will pair the expensive and performing drivetrain together with extreme luxury and technology.

The car will have two different charging ports – the first port will allow Chreos to charge from domestic charging ports and other ports available in various charging stations spread throughout the world in various charging point and fuel stations. The second port -–Hypercharge – is a custom port that will allow Chreos to reach full charge in under ten minutes. Requiring high voltage (10-15,000 volts) the port will deliver the massive amounts of power required to charge up the batteries utilizing a low current, and thus standard copper wires. Silex hopes that this revolutionary approach to rapid car charging will bring a spur in the installation of such charging points alongside fuel pumps that will serve to charge up Chreos and vehicles from other manufacturers that will embark on the fast charging lane.

The aim of Silex is that through Chreos a new platform for electric vehicles is developed, which will allow the migration of these innovations to lower cost models that Silex will produce in the future, so as to appeal to the mass market. Silex is however confident that this first step will have the general public seriously consider electric vehicles as a valid alternative to fuel powered ones, not only in the environmental aspect but also in the level of performance and luxury.

On Monday 29th April a further release is expected – the interiors and some of the technologies behind Chreos. Attached to this press release are some high resolution images of Chreos. More images and videos can be found on the following links:

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