Introducing the Silex SSF-550 – our most advanced high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) system. Delivering unprecedented performance, reliability, an innovative modular and scalable design, and top value for money, the SSF-550 is a technology that surpasses by a wide margin all other competing photovoltaic technologies.

Unprecedented Performance

Delivering more than 500Wp on a surface of just 1.35 x 1.05m (>350W/m² – compared to the 170W/m² delivered by traditional 270Wp Crystalline modules), the SSF-550 has no competitors when it comes to efficiency and energy generation. This performance is achieved via an advanced proprietary optics and structural design, in addition to deploying the most advanced Quintuple Junction CPV cells with an efficiency of >46%, and a concentration of >1200 suns. The solar array of 8 x 4 modules can deliver a peak of 16kWp, the 10 x 4 module array delivering 20kWp and the 12 x 4 module array delivering 24kWp. Thanks to our proprietary high-accuracy bi-axial tracking system, the complete solution is guaranteed to offer over 50% more hours of energy production per year compared to fixed systems. The SSF-550 is ideal for use in areas where solar irradiation surpasses the 1700 kWh/annum, as it is specifically designed to operate at high temperatures, maintaining the cell’s efficiency even at temperatures exceeding 120°C.

Total Modularity

Our cutting edge technology is designed with a totally modular system, where each individual cell can be replaced or changed on field. This allows the array to be upgraded to more advanced cells with a higher level of performance as they become available, thus increasing the overall plant performance and productivity without the need to replace the whole arrays. Our modules are also available with individual monitoring for each cell via our software. This gives total control over the plant, allowing immediate action in case of unusual operation or faults.


Thermal Energy Recovery

As an option, we offer thermal recovery as a factory option or on-site installation. Thanks to our modular design, the thermal recovery system can be installed even in operational plants. With this technology, each module delivers 400Wp of thermal energy, which can be used for cooling or heating, or using our innovative phase change materials, stored for energy production on request, even when there is no sun. Thanks to our thermal recovery system, each module delivers nearly 1kW of power, for a total of 32kW per array!

Extreme Reliability

Thanks to an innovative design, Silex guarantees stable performance throughout the lifetime of the module, with energy production guaranteed not to degrade more than 15% after 25 years of operation. For clients who opt to go for the active cooling system, in addition to recovering over 400Wp of thermal energy from each module, we guarantee a performance decrease of not less than 90% after 25 years of operation, an unprecedented milestone reflecting the quality and durability of our product.

Environmentally Friendly

The higher energy production density of the SSF-550 translates to a lower installation area required for the desired power outputs. Our tracking system also allows total usability of the land underlying the arrays for agricultural purposes, as it offers sufficient clearance for agricultural machinery and casts no permanent shadow. This allows the arrays to be installed in fields, whilst the latter are also active for agricultural activity. Made from innovative materials, the system is over 95% recyclable after use. Our unique anchoring system does not require cement or other type of permanent foundations, thus making removing the arrays and returning the land to the original condition much simpler and easier.


The Silex SSF-550 is built for extreme conditions, able to withstand high temperatures, powerful winds, sandstorms and other environmental factors. The SSF-550 features an optional 100% protection against abrasion by sandstorms and is ideal to be deployed in extreme desert conditions. Another innovative feature is that all mechanical parts are enclosed within the mast. This makes the tracking system less prone to damage due to dust, rain or sand, and nearly maintenance free.

Hybrid Technology

One of the major disadvantages of HCPV is that they require direct sunlight to operate. Unlike traditional crystalline photovoltaic systems which operate even with scattered light (such as on cloudy or foggy days), standard HCPV doesn’t operate with scattered light as it fails to focus the light on the receiver cell. The SSF-550 however can be fitted with an optional hybrid system (for areas where scattered light accounts for more than 10% of the annual solar radiation), allowing to continue producing power even when clouds or fog are present.

Energy Storage

Energy storage is an important feature of renewable energy plants, as it allows the energy produced to be used when required. This is more important on off-grid systems. We offer various integrated technologies for energy storage including: 

    • Compressed Air Energy Storage
    • Battery Solutions
    • Phase Changing Thermal Energy


Integrated Solution

Both for utility scale and standalone installations, we offer integrated solutions, where the inverter and batteries (as required by client) are integrated in the mast, giving a simple solution which delivers immediately power ready for consumption. On large scale installations, this increases the fault tolerance of the system, as each array is independent of the rest, and if one fails, no other array is affected.