Keeping a slim and efficient structure does not necessarily mean a simple structure. At Silex Power we know that in order to succeed, you must be dedicated to your objective. This is why throughout the years we have formed subsidiary companies and divisions that cater for specific needs, being product distribution, construction of energy plants, research and development or simply public relations. Below is a list of our subsidiaries:

Silex Automotive
Silex Automotive is the subsidiary company that is responsible for the Research and Development, design, prototyping and eventually manufacturing of electric vehicles and related technologies, including the Chreos, Valene Black Mamba and HyperCharging Technology. All vehicles presented by Silex Automotive are proprietary in design and utilize various in-house developed software and technology.
Silex Energy Islands
In conjunction with Energy Islands Limited, Silex Energy Islands is responsible for the proposing and designing energy islands – floating and anchored structures with the primary objective of producing energy from renewable sources.
Silex Engineering
Silex Engineering is a subsidiary company involved with the turnkey construction of renewable energy projects, concentrating mainly on Solar, Wind and HydroElectric Power Stations.
Silex HCPV
Silex HVPC division studies and develops photovoltaic solutions based on high-concentration. By concentrating the power of the sun 1200 times on a special type of cell, high levels of efficiency are reached, resulting in an extremely competitive solution for the ever-growing solar market.