At Silex Power we specialize in ways of capturing energy from the sun, both directly and indirectly. Using a wide spectrum of technologies from a number of suppliers, we can custom design and build the best solution that meets both the regional and financial parameters of the project. Our teams of experts custom design each project, paying meticulous attention to all the planning, development and environmental details, delivering a cutting edge project that integrates perfectly with the location. We are extremely cautious about the environment, in that we also make sure that our interventions have a minimal effect on the local ecosystems.


Solar Energy

The sun is an immense fusion reactor that constantly combines hydrogen and helium atoms to form the elements that form the universe the way that we know it. The sun maintains all life on earth, and has lately become a direct contributor to energy for human consumption.

The most common method of harnessing solar energy is via photovoltaic cells. These cells capture direct sunlight and convert it to electricity, Currently, projects are being designed with photovoltaic modules that have efficiencies that are close to 20%. Silex Power is heavily investing in High Concentration Photovoltaic Technology (HCPV), in which sunlight is concentrated from a large area to a single point. These new technologies have lower costs, higher efficiencies and are of a better quality. Silex Power is targeting to enter the market with our own HCPV product in 2014 featuring quadruple junction HCPV cells with an efficiency of 46%.

Silex Power is also working with research teams and engineers from various companies and universities so as to bring to the market newer technologies, based not on semiconductors, but on the principle of photosynthesis and nanotechnology. These new technologies convert all forms of light (even light from the moon and stars at night) into energy, and operate at a wider range on the electromagnetic spectrum, thus promising a massive leap in efficiency.


Wind Energy

The wind has been used a source of energy for centuries. It has been spinning windmill blades to generate power to grind wheat and pump water. Centuries later, the windmill is still at the basis of all modern wind turbines, evolving in various new shapes and designs in due course.

Wind turbines can be installed both inland and offshore, and offer power generation that varies from 200W for micro-turbines for domestic use, all the way up to a whopping 7.5MW. Our technology partners allow us to design and implement wind turbine solutions for very specific and particular areas, focusing mainly on offshore, where we can install both floating and anchored wind turbines.

Silex Power is also looking into alternative technologies for wind energy capture. We strive to bring the best technology to any location. Wind turbines are nowadays viewed as a welcome sight, these colossal structures can be regarded as monuments that symbolise the preservation of the environment whilst at the same time, harvest this infinite source of energy.


Energy from Water

Water, like wind, is also another form of energy that has been harnessed for centuries. The most common type of water derived energy was from river mills. Over the past century, water energy has contributed greatly to the power grid via massive hydroelectric power stations built in dams. However, as beneficial as these dams might appear, they have a vastly negative ecological impact as large valleys are flooded for holding the water, and the water flow disruption also affects negatively the water flow downstream.

Silex Power and our partners are reviewing and implementing new technologies for harvesting energy from water. We believe that this is a major segment that interests our investors, as water covers 79% of the surface of the plant, and is abundantly rich in various forms of energy. Amongst the technologies we implement are the following:

  • Hydroelectric power utilizing less invasive technologies
  • River flow energy capturing without the use of dams
  • Various technologies to harness the ocean current energy, including undersea turbines
  • Wave energy capturing devices
  • Tidal energy capturing devices
  • Saline Gradient Technologies