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This will be the badge and logo that will feature on the hood of all Valene Motors vehicles, starting from the Black Mamba. The design is simple but illustrates the philosophy behind the Valene brand. Valene is derived from the Italian word “Veleno”, meaning poison. The whole brand is focused towards building cars that are fast and exciting to drive, and which can deliver punches of adrenaline like only few other cars can.

We decided that for the models we will go after snake names (in line with the poison theme), starting from the Black Mamba. I think that the black mamba snake needs little introduction, but ranks as one of the fastest snakes on earth.

The Valene logo illustrates a snake head with a V on the snout. The eyes will be illuminated (as shown above), serving as a status indicator for some functions of the vehicle, as well as allowing the user to customize the illumination colour and mode.

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