2015-12-31 - Black Mamba on FlagMalta, 29th December 2015 June – 14.00hours

Introducing the Valene Black Mamba

In 2016 Silex Power will introduce the Valene Black Mamba – a next generation sports car


During the past years, Silex Power has been working on the development of its first 100% designed and built Electric Vehicle. The concept initially started as a test platform to develop technologies and software for Chreos, however, the looks of the vehicle were so overwhelmingly great that we gave it a life of its own – and thus the Valene Black Mamba was born.

Over the coming days we will release more information about the Black Mamba, including technical specifications.

The Valene Black Mamba will be launched in Malta during July 2016, by which time we will be accepting pre-orders for the vehicle. Scheduled delivery of the vehicles is for January 2017.




The Valene Black Mamba is designed by Reuben Zammit of RacerXDesigns.