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29 – Valene Black Mamba Press Release

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Valene Blog

Valene Badge and Logo

This will be the badge and logo that will feature on the hood of all Valene Motors vehicles, starting from the Black Mamba. The design is simple but illustrates the philosophy behind the Valene brand. Valene is derived from the Italian word “Veleno”, meaning poison....
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Valene Black Mamba Launch Date Announced

Malta, 30th January 2016 It is official. The Valene Black Mamba will be launched internationally during a dedicated event which will be held in Malta on the 29th July 2016. More information in the coming weeks. We’re only 180 days away from the big day! If you would like to...
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Valene Black Mamba prototype rear wheel

The rear wheel of the Valene Black Mamba. Such a wheel is required to transmit efficiently the power of the electric motor to the road.
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Valene Black Mamba prototype

Work in progress on the bodywork of the Black Mamba prototype (image blurred on purpose). Should give an idea of the shape of the prototype.
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Valene Black Mamba Specs at a glance

Specifications for the Black Mamba at a glance.
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